art lessons held in our private studio

Private Art Classes

Academic Drawing Art Lesson

Duration 1 Hour Art Lesson in Private Art Studio
1 HOUR – $65.
All art materials are included.

We teach you advanced academic drawing skills, principles and techniques in a private one-on-one environment. Beginners are welcome.

Watercolour Painting Art Lesson

Duration 1 Hour Art Lesson in Private Art Studio
1 HOUR – $65

All the art materials are included in your lesson.

Painting a watercolour artwork is a very soothing experience, we teach you how to use watercolour paints to achieve the beautiful watercolour effect. This art lesson is perfect for beginners and people of all ages.

Self Portrait Art Lesson | Portrait Lesson

Duration 2 Hour Art Lesson in Private Art Studio
2 HOURS – $130

All the art materials are included.

You will learn how to draw a human face (yours or somebody else’s) and capture all the intricate nuances in your artwork. Materials will wary depending on your preference. You can paint a portrait using oil paints, acrylics, watercolour, pastels, pencils and much more!

Introduction to Oil Painting Art Lesson

Duration 2 Hours Art Lesson in Private Art Studio
2 HOUR – $130

Oil painting can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also be very difficult, we teach you the techniques of painting with oils so can become a confident artist.

Advanced Drawing & Painting Techniques

Duration 2 Hours Art Lesson in Private Art Studio
2 HOURS – $130

This is an advanced art lesson where we can help you with a particular art technique problem you are struggling with. Help you to prepare your art portfolio and more. This is a “bespoke” art lesson – meaning we cater this particular art lesson to your needs.

questions you might have 

Art Materials – We Provide All The Art Materials

Art Materials are expensive, and purchasing a few bits and pieces can run into thousands of dollars, we look after our students by providing all the art materials they might need during their lessons. Of course, if you choose to bring your own art materials to the lesson you can. 

Individual Art Lessons

Our art lessons are tuition-based lessons – we do not take on a big group of students. Individual attention guarantees a steady progress of our art students.

Do you do Group Art Classes?

Occasionally we do a Group Art Masterclass, but our main area is one on one art lessons.

Where are the art lessons held?

We are located inside Kinross Arts Centre and hold our lessons in Studio No 4.

Duration of The Art Lessons

Our Art Lessons range from one hour to two-hour lessons. Lessons are held in a Private Artists Studio. Please arrive on time for your lesson. 

Art Lessons Structure

We focus on “traditional masters” academic visual art education because to break the rules, you need to know them first.

Academic Portfolio Preparation

We have developed a portfolio preparation method for those students who wish to apply to study in a university or another academic establishment.

Art Tutors Credentials

Our art tutors are professional artists, who either hold a Masters Degree in Fine Arts or a PhD. they have extensive academic training and are all accomplished artists. 


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